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This system involves large network of people working directly or indirectly for the company and therefore you are advised not to give cash to anybody except if the third party will do the online transaction for you in your presence, the System only recognize online payment.

After successful registration, you will receive a confirmation text message containing your membership ID which you will use in all your referral transactions so as to get the expected benefits. You cannot get any referral benefit without having a membership ID.

If for any reason you did not get the welcome SMS, you can still login with your email and password, you will find all your details on your dashboard including the membership ID

All entitlements are tied to your personal effort of introducing others so you are required to start introducing people into the system as soon as you get your membership ID and all the people coming through you must include your membership ID as their referral ID.

If you register for a given amount category, you can introduce someone to register for the same or different amount category but the percentage of your entitlement is constant depending on the amount category you registered with from the onset. (Every registered member has a percentage of the new registration amount he/she receives as entitlement for each new member referred by him/her depending on the amount category you registered as an existing member).

Once you introduce at least one person to the system, you can request for entitlement but you can allow the entitlement to accumulate to your desired value before requesting for it.

The system is aimed at promoting and selling it products; thus, a customer will enjoy 100% of his entitlements if he is using it to buy products but will be charged 20% of his expected entitlement if he requests for cash entitlement.

Sales referral entitlements will be approved after a successful conclusion of the transaction involved
Value Pack entitlement is 90% of the customers total entitlement

All requests will be attended to within one to two days as the case may be.

You can get a refund and close your account if you haven’t collected entitlement and want to back out but it will only be with immediate effect if you have introduced at least one person into the system of the same or higher category, the person will fill in the gap you are about leaving. To ensure that openness and integrity maintained; a refund will be made on request if the above condition is met

The terms and condition may change as the system deems fit
If you have any complaint or suggestion, alert us by calling any of the following numbers 08137652701, 09070363467