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Fourfold Referral scheme is an organized and automated platform centered on empowering registered buyers to acquire its online and offline products with ease by means of referring other potential customers to the system and thereby leveraging on the referred customers purchases and or their financial commitment made during registration to sponsor your own purchases without impacting negatively on the referred. Thus, the system rewards it existing customers for every new customer they introduce either to buy product or to register with the system.

You may or may not make any financial commitment in the course of registration but making a commitment means that you have directly and indirectly funded the wallets of two people - the owner of the id through which you registered (direct beneficiary) and his predecessor (indirect beneficiary) which in turn makes you eligible to receive direct and indirect funding of your wallet from as many people you will refer or your successors will refer

The percentage of the fund you will receive at any point in time is dependent on how much financial commitment (the amount category) you made at the point of registration – you receive what you give. Thus making a financial commitment gives you full access to leverage on both products and registrations referral as described in the table below

Listed below are the available “amount categories” and the expected “registration entitlement” and “product sale entitlement” for every new customer referred to the system to register or to buy product.


SnCategory Financial Commitment % Benefit for Registration Referrals % Indirect Benefit % Benefit for Sales Referrals





































Product sale entitlement: this is the percentage of the value of the purchases made by a referee given to a referrer for making the purchases via its membership ID. The value (5%) is the same across all the amount category

Registration entitlement: this is the percentage of the financial commitment your referee made in the course of registration that is given to you for making registration via your membership ID. The higher the financial commitment you made at the time you registered, the higher the percentage of the financial commitment of new members that will be given you. It is advisable that you register with the highest category so that whoever registers through you, you will get 80% of whatsoever amount that will be involved while your predecessor gets 20%.


When a member logs in to his/her account, a quick navigation could be made to ‘claim entitlement’ through which the member can specify the modality of the entitlement he or she wants (Cash Entitlement, Product Entitlement, Fourfold Value Packet), the request will be processed within 24hours.

Product entitlement: you can use all the accumulated value on your fourfold Wallet to make online purchases from the platform without costing you any additional money.

Fourfold Value Package: you can choose from our list of outlets where you would rather do an offline shopping. Upon request, a code will be generated showing the value of your package and It is this code that you take to the outlet that you have chosen to do your offline shopping. Purchasing a “Value Pack” gives you 90% access to the total amount in your Fourfold Wallet

Cash entitlement:a customer may decide to get a cash back instead of using the accumulated value to purchase products. In this case the customer gets a “buy back” of 80 percent cash of the entitlement worth and forfeit the product(s) that would have been ordered and this will reflect in the bank account provided by the customer.
It is called a “buy back” because we assume the products that you would have used the money to purchase, is being bought back from you at a general discount of 20% to make it attractive to us. The entitlement benefit is repetitive whereas the registration cost for a given amount category is a one- time cost (it is what your referral leveraged on) however, a customer may decide to upgrade from a lower category to a higher category.


You can become a member of this system irrespective of your location by registering through any referral ID (either ID of a registered customer or registering directly with the default system ID). Click here to register and complete the registration form.


To check your status of activities, login to your fourfold dashboard using your details, you will see all necessary information about you including the number of people that have registered through you so far and as well as your entitlement history. You can also request for your entitlement from your dashboard


  • Good percent return per referral - For each customer referred to the system through a member’s membership ID, the referral member gets 5% to 100% benefit of every new amount registered depending on the amount category the existing member registered with.

  • Renewal not required - For a given category, the system requests a one-time registration cost with no limit to referral entitlements.i.e., once a member, always a member.

  • Upgradable account possible - A customer can decide to upgrade from a lower category to a higher category and start earning a higher entitlement percentage available at the new category.

  • Location not a barrier - You can be part of this system not minding your location as far as you can access the system's website for registration.

  • Unlimited entitlement opportunity – A participant member gets entitlement as often as he can refer new members with no frequency limit.

  • Patronage is optional - Buying goods from Fourfold online platform is not compulsory, however, buying from us grants a member full access to his or her entitlement.