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Anybody coming into the system through you, must use your membership ID as a referral ID if the referral must be attributed to you else you lose the benefit of that registration. You need membership ID and password to log in to dashboard to view your profile.

When a member logs in to his/her account, there will be a link for ‘claim entitlement’ through which the member can specify the modality of the entitlement s/he want ( cash or product entitlement ), the request will be processed within 24hours.

After collection of your first cycle entitlement, you are not required to make any other payment to renew your account. All that is required from you is to keep introducing people into the system to qualify for other subsequent cycle entitlements.

All the bank accounts associated with this system bears the system name ( Fourfold) and are as listed in the about page of the website (https://fourfoldonline.com/referral )

Entitlement is what you get after completing a cycle of a particular amount category while bonuses are the instantaneous benefits that you get for referring people into the system that registered for a different amount category from that of the referrer.